Thursday, October 10, 2013

BondageNightChicago's Annual Halloween Party

THIS WEEKEND at The Studio (



You're new to the scene and you have questions.
Maybe you don't know who to ask.
Maybe you think it's a "stupid" question.
Maybe you're unsure how to pose your question.

This Friday we will provide you with paper and pen to write your questions anonymously and we'll pull them from a hat for answering. No topic is taboo, no one knows it's you

If you prefer you can send your questions to Scott469, the moderator for the evening. Of course then it won't be anonymous!

Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question!
Come share your knowledge, come learn something new!

Since this is a late posting, if you've never been to the Studio you have until 12:00pm Oct. 11th to contact me for the address.

RSVP with Ms.Lash: (Contact Ms Lash for the address no later than 12:00 the day of the event).




VESPERTINE CHICAGO is open ONLY to women and transfolk 18 years of age or older. If you are a woman, you identify as a woman, and live your daily life as a woman; or are a female-born transgender person who feels they have a connection with and love of the kinky/leather/fetish women's community, YOU ARE WELCOME!! NO CROSS DRESSING (cis) MEN

VESPERTINE CHICAGO encourages education in the fine fetish arts and interactive, hands on role playing, safe and consensual scene play and a person's right to explore new and exciting ways to express themselves in a sexual manner, safely.

Our event October 12th at The Studio will feature Demos by TEAM VESPERTINE: Daddy Sky, Mistress Alexandra Sadista (formerly Mz. CandyXXX), Sophia Asphyxia, and Mz. Ammunition.

Bring your own toy bag. $20 per person cash only

FETISH ATTIRE REQUIRED/NO JEANS, T-SHIRTS, SNEAKERS OR BALL CAPS. Leather/Latex/Uniform/PVC/Rubber/Goth/Lingerie/Funky, sexy, and creative, or shirt/slacks and tie for masculine identified, dapper gents


You MUST RSVP with your legal name (which matches your state issued ID), Your date of birth and your valid e-mail.
The party's address will be sent upon RSVP.


RSVP at before October 10, 2013


---->>>>> Sunday, October 13th - ROUGH CROWD



Two of the most popular topics in kink in Chicago are rough body play, and rope. Like chocolate & peanut butter, hot dogs & jalapenos, and first dates & lube, the two go together famously. And if they don't yet, they will now.

Like all Rough Crowds, this will be hands-on.

Things To Bring
•Rope (ideally 30 foot lengths)
•Partner, if you have one (or two, or three, or...)
•Diabolical streak

Registration is REQUIRED

Every attendee must register for any given Rough Crowd. To register, just go to, use the eventbrite link on the left sidebar, and follow along. No exceptions: you must be registered for the event to attend. Deadline is always noon the day prior.

Who is Welcome

All genders, ages, experience levels, races, shoe sizes, sexual orientations and preferences, partnership status, poly, D/s, M/s, height, eye color, religions, pet preferences, fitness levels, tax brackets, and pizza topping choices are welcome (even all veggie pizza, if that's your thing; your pizza is not my pizza, and that's OK).

Come to Rough Crowd for an afternoon of pervy delight, friendly faces, and cordial violence. All are welcome: new and returning, all experience levels. This is an education-focused event!


---->>>>> Sunday, October 13th - FOOD PLAY IN CHICAGO

"Come Hungry, Leave Happy! "


$15 paypal in advance or $20 donation at the door

Come play with food! Merry Vice -leader of the Erotic Gourmet group and _The_Kitty_ -leader of the Food Play group have teamed up to host a Food Play party at the Studio. Cakes will be crushed, people will be filled and covered. If we get a Crème Brûlée torch - Marshmallows will be roasted for s'mores off of a poor slave's face! Food play is a little objectification, a LOT of oral fixation, and a bit of sadomasochism rolled into one good time. Eat food, smear food, fuck food, beat people with food...The possibilities are endless.

There is only one shower at the studio. Due to limited space the sploshing and crushing area will be for sweets and desserts! Cake, chocolate sauces, sweets of any kind.

Admission to the event covers space rental and basic provisions. Paypal payments contribute to the food available for play. If you have a specific food desire, especially for the fucking station or for large quantities, please BYOFood.

Address and prepayment option will be emailed to attendees in private message.

RSVP with Merry Vice:

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Clips Added in Bizarre Cinema - August 2013

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Clips added on Bizarre Cinema - Aug 2013

Tickling My Sister (Part 2) - 14 minutes
"I have ideas for My prey", Mistress whispered to Her victim, Andi. Mistress began tickling Andi's feet, using a brush. Then used Her evil fingers to administer the tickling, watching Andi giggle. The next tactic Mistress decided was to tickle Andi's feet with an electric razor. Used the razor for Andi's thighs and belly to continue the tickle torment. Then aimed at Her armpits. From sadistic tickling, Mistress switched to sensual tickling, which drove Andi crazy. Andi's breasts were tickled last. You have to save the best for last, right? 

Cum Drinking Whore - 5 minutes
Mistress Xena's slave, per instructions, has saved his own cum for one week. he has stored his cum-container in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. When arriving to Mistress Xena's lair, he exposed his little container. Mistress grabbed Her spoon, and spoon-fed his own cum to him.

Andi's Introduction to Foot Worship - 8 mins
Mistress Xena introduces Andi to the world of 'foot fetish'. Andi has never worshipped a Woman's feet. Andi was eager to taste Xena's feet, and began tickling Xena's feet. After, Andi was not afraid to use Her mouth to suck on Xena's toes. Xena received a great amount of pleasure from Andi. Andi is no longer a virgin to foot worship.

jason gets FUCKED - 8 mins
After Mistress Xena's whore sucks Her strap-on cock, She puts Her Cock to use. Mistress bends Her bitch over, finger fucks his tight hole and dives right in. See how Mistress fucks Her anal slut !

The Jewel Thief PART 1 (a comedy) - 7 mins
Mistress Xena begins interrogating 'The Crossdressing Bandit', who stole Her jewels. She captures THE BITCH ! Mistress begins to whip him, humiliate him. Ms.Simone came into the scene, to assist with the interrogation scene. "Give Me Those Jewels", the Ladies Demand ! They continue to whip his balls, his ass. See how Both Mistresses handle THIS fucking bandit !

Wonder Woman's Strap-On Dick - 5 mins
Wonder Woman lifts Her skirt, and appears is a big blue strap-on dick, only to punish the Bandit's Mouth. This lousy cock-sucker is humiliated by Wonder Woman. Serves him right !

Wonder Woman ZAPS his cock - 8 mins
Wonder Woman humiliates Her captive, the 'Masturbating Bandit'. She brings out Her sharp knife and violet wand, and, well, you will just have to watch !

Tickle Wrestling - 8 mins
Mistress Xena vs Andi Xena has Andi in a strong scissorhold, and decides to tickle Andi, while Andi struggles with escaping and laughing. Next, Xena places her in a choke hold, and continues to tickle Andi's tummy. Xena pins Her body on andi, so Xena may look down on Andi, only to tickle Andi's feet and neck, watching her giggle. Andi DID attempt to tickle Xena, but it didn't work, but was able to un-snap Xena's bra, exposing Xena's breasts. Two thumbs up for Andi on that. The overall score: Xena - 1 Andi - 0

Wonder Woman encounters 'The Masturbator' (part 2) -  6 mins

Creepy pervert sneaks in WonderWoman's lair while She is asleep and proceeds to 'Whip it out'. he starts to remove Her top, and reveal Wonderwoman's tits. he Masturbates furiously, while gazing lustfully at Wonderwoman. Slowly he becomes erect, and slowly She wakes up. She wakes up, noticing the perv jacking off. She screams ! Wonderwoman grabs him by the dick, and then She shoves him in Her cage, keeping him captive where he awaits more punishment. After She's done with him, he won't be masturbating for a long LONG TIME.

Tickle Asylum (part 3) - 17 mins
Andi has encountered her worst nightmare.... THE TICKLE ASYLUM, with Nurse Mara and Nurse Xena. Both nurses are ready to give andi the 'check-up' she will NEVER forget.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BondageNightChicago's eXXXtreme Fetish Play Party - Jul 20th

Saturday, July 20

BondageNightChicago Exxxtreme Fetish Play Party

NEW clips added to Bizarre Cinema - Early July 2013

Bizarre Cinema Clips:

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*NEW* clips on Bizarre Cinema - July 2013

Fingering Cassie - 7 mins
Mistress Xena penetrates Cassie's Pussy. you will have to watch the eroticism between two Women, and especially how Xena has Her way with Cassie.

Fucking a Blow-Up Doll - 7 mins

"you need a date, cristina. Here's My Blow-Up doll. His name is RICO SUAVE." cristina is forced to practice his 'kissing ss" on Mistress Xena's blow-up doll, and was forced to jack off to the blow-up doll's mouth. Next, his instructions was to fuck the doll, gystyle. Xena does not allow cristina to cum in Rico Suave.

Ice Play with Justine -8 mins

Mistress Xena touches Justine's breasts, and holds ice cubes into Her hand. By the sensation, Justine asked permission to have an orgasm. You will see what happens in this clip, if Xena's gentle touch makes Justine cum.

Tickle Therapy (part 4) - 15 mins

Joe P Tickle's feet are placed in wooden stocks, so he will not be able to escape the tickle torment offered by 3 beautiful Women, Mara, Alexandra & Xena. The 3 mischievous Women tickle in between his toes, his tummy, his neck, his thighs, and his cock. It's even more tormenting, since the Women make joe wear a blindfold. Then, Alexandra and Xena whispered into his ear, blowing into his ear, which made him giggle even more. The las made sure that this tickle experience was sadistic, sensual and memorable !

It's Time to Play the "Masturbation Game" - 8 mins

Pop Quiz about Mistress Xena "If you want to masturbate, then you have to answer questions about ME. If you get the 1st question correct, then you will be instructed to stroke your cock for 20 seconds. "Where was I born?" The gimp answers it correctly !! Next question: "Which year did I begin as a Pro-Domme?" The gimp did not answer the question correctly, so he was denied to stroke his tiny prick. Next question, if you get it correctly, then I remove My leather bra. "What size are My feet ? " he answers the question, but it's incorrect ! HAHAHAHA Next question... if your answer is correct, I remove My leather bra. "Where was My 1st performance outside of Chicago?" The gimp answers the question CORRECTLY. Mistress Xena removes Her bra, for his viewing pleasure.

Worship My Divine Feet - 11 mins

Mistress Xena uses Her latino foot slave as Her human foot-rest. First, Xena wears Sandals, and rests one foot on the slaves' hard cock, while Her other foot rests on his mouth. The foot slave is given the ultimate reward: To Worship Mistress Xena's divine feet. he was instructed to suck on Mistress' toes, lick Her soles, and make Her feel good.

Monday, June 10, 2013

BondageNightChicago's 7 Year Anniversary Party - June 15


Have we been together for 7yrs already? Where did the time go !!

With your Hostess ..... Mistress Xena
Kinbaku Bondage Rope Artist & Hosts .... Master DVNT & Mara Moon

Where: The Studio, located 10mins South of Downtown Chicago.
When: Saturday, June 15 (3rd Saturday of every month).

Time: 10pm-3am.
Age: 18+.
Music by DJ iPod
Price: $10 for Ladies / $20 for Gents
Rules: It is a sober and Smoke free environment !
Lots of Snacks and non alcoholic beverages are provided !
Bring your own toys.
The guests may use the dungeon furniture. After your play-scene, Please clean up !
No cameras are allowed in the dungeon.

Street Parking is available. Or, you may park in the back of The Studio (in the CTA lot). The fee: $5.
Attire : Rubber, Latex, Catsuits, Superheroines, Leather, Pinup, Steampunk, Fetish, Fantasy, Bondage, Crossdresser. There will be no entry, if you wear street clothes. Street clothes such as: Baseball cap, t-shirt, blue jeans. A nice shirt/pants are acceptable.


The address will be given to you, once you RSVP. You must RSVP, using your full name. Make sure you mention 'Bondage Night RSVP' in the email subject line.


Friday, May 31, 2013

*NEW* clips added to Bizarre Cinema - Late May 2013


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*NEW* clips added - Late May 2013

 Leather Clad Ass - 7 mins

Leather-Clad Mistress Xena gives Her latino ass slave a reward he has been waiting for. Her slave was instructed to kiss Her leather-clad-ass.

Smoking Damsel - 8 mins

Leather clad Mistress Xena uses Her puppy as Her human ashtray. he opens his hands to eagerly catch Her ashes. His reward: She blows smoke inside his mouth.

The Final Penetration - 12 mins

Mistress Xena & Mara Mayhem have their slave right where they want him. he is trapped; there is absolutely nothing he can do, except submit completely to the cocks that will violate his holes. In the beginning, Mistress Xena and Mara Mayhem take turns shoving their rubber dicks down his throat, and finally they tag-team by tapping that ass. At the end, the Women throw him out of the dungeon, completely naked.

The Interrogation Continues - 7 mins

The interrogation continues, when Mistress Xena and Mara Mayhem. When they continue to subject their captive to more unspeakable tortures, such as: shackling him against the wall, shoving a giant rubber cock inside his throat, burning him with hot candle wax, and locking up his own terrified manhood.

2 Women in Uniform - 11 mins

Our captive is punished for the sins that he has committed. However, he continuously claims, "It wasn't me.. I didn't do it". It doesn't matter, because Mistress Xena and Mara Mayhem refuse to listen to his plea's. The Uniformed Women choose to lock up his dick, interrogate him, and finally cane him because he refuses to confess !

Foot-Job Orgasm Denial - 8 mins

Mistress Xena never rewards Her foot sluts with a footjob. Today, She was truly in the mood to give one of Her latino slaves a pleasurable footjob. First, Mistress gave the OK to cum, then changed Her mind, controlling his orgasm using Her powerful feet. At the end, you will see if the footslut is rewarded with a good cum or not.

An Orgasmic Reward - 7 mins

Mistress Xena pleasures Her bound rubber slave with the powerful vibrations of Her hitachi magic wand. Little Miss Dahlia writhes in moaning pleasurable ecstacy, as Mistress Xena pulses the magic wand harder & harder against Dahlia's clit, controlling each and every orgasm Dahlia has.

Pussy Zapping - 4 mins

This short clip consists of Mistress Xena zapping Dahlia's pussy, while Dahlia is bound in Rubber Bondage.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

RubberErotica part 2 in Chicago - TONIGHT

Tonight: RubberErotica Part 2

RSVP at: