Monday, January 17, 2011


Which celebrity do you fantasize about fucking? And what would YOU do with them?

My first pick *drumroll please*

1. Angelina Jolie. My scene: She looks like the type of Woman that likes it rough. I would definitely make her seduce Me. She seems like she can be a switch. Or Dominant. Doesn't matter. I want her in a tight rubber catsuit.  I'd rather have 3 zippers on the catsuit. Of course, I need access to her pussy & ass, so I'd unzipper the 'crotch-zip'.  Underneath My outfit is a nicely sized strapon dick. I'm force her pretty mouth to suck on it. I want her bouncing on My dick, while I watch her face scream.

2. Johnny Depp: My scene: Having a 3-some, with My Boyfriend, Johnny, and I. My strapon dick will not receive the pleasure, this time. My lovely va jay jay (Oprah's vagina came up with that term) will receive the ultimate treatment, by 2 handsome fellas. MMMM. I also want Johnny's mouth used. So, forcing him to suck My BF off will be hot. I also want him in a catsuit-like outfit. His current hair style is so-so. Go for the robert smith hair, just like in Edward Scissorhands. Hmmm, but what if I make him wear his scissorhands during our 3-some? Then My 'va jay jay' would be in big trouble. hah.

3. Christian Bale: My scene: Another 3-some, with My BF & I. I first became extremely attractive to Christian, while watching American Psycho. In our 3-some, he had BETTER NOT have some chainsaw, hiding underneath the bed. lol. He wouldn't. I want his wife to join in the 3-some (whoever she is). I don't want My BF's cock to be sucked by Christian. I want Christian's wife, taking care of My BF. How he was plunging his dick inside the various pussy's (in the movie) was fucking hot. In the bedroom, we will NOT play Phil Collins. Oh god.

4. Cameron Diaz: My scene. Only Camera and I (and her dripping cunt). I've read an article, a while back, talking about Cameron Diaz. This is what her pretty face will look like, once she sees whats underneath My skirt:

Maybe I should put on some sort of green mask, and fuck her senseless.  I find her to be very attractive. I like her smile. Most of all. I like her mouth (okay, and her eyes). Alright, where was I. Oh yeah. So..... I will skip wearing the green mask, and have a sensual scene. I bet she likes sensual sex.  Or rough. It doesn't matter. I want to watch her pussy cream, after fucking her.

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